Quadratic raises $5.6m and launches Teams
Technical spreadsheet with Python, SQL, and AI.

Analyze data the developer way and share results the spreadsheet way.

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The familiarity of a spreadsheet + the power of code.

You know how to code, and your team knows how to use a spreadsheet. Now you can work together in real time.

Cells with formulas and programming languages

Use the languages you and your team already know. Quadratic understands Formulas and Python. SQL and JavaScript support is coming soon.

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Stylzied screenshot from Quadratic showing a list of languages the user can choose from when populating a cell, including: Formulas, Python, SQL queries, and JavaScript (the latter two are disabled and labeled as “Coming soon”).

Add data programmatically

The last line of code is returned to the spreadsheet. Raw values, 1/2D arrays, and Pandas DataFrames are supported by default.

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Some sample code from pandas and numpy (Python) with an arrow showing how the result fro the last line of code gets drawn to a number of cells on a Quadratic spreadsheet.

3rd party libraries

Quadratic has Python library support built-in. Bring the latest open source tools directly to your spreadsheet.

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Code screenshot of importing and using a 3rd party python library in Quadratic, with an arrow showing where the library’s code output is drawn to the spreadsheet.

Data visualizations

Create dynamic charts and graphs using popular Python charting library Plotly.

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A spreadsheet with numbers in cells and, overlaying that, a chart with points and a plotline.

Work with APIs

Pull or fetch data from an external API, and it updates automatically in Quadratic's cells.

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A spreadsheet of cells with a stock ticker as the input and, behind the scenes, code is fetching data related to that stock and drawing it in the cells underneath the ticker symbol.A spreadsheet of cells with a stock ticker as the input and, behind the scenes, code is fetching data related to that stock and drawing it in the cells underneath the ticker symbol.

Multi-line formulas

Single-line formulas are hard to read. In Quadratic you can expand your formulas to as many lines as you need.

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Two contrasting examples of the same code. The first is a long formula laid out on a single line which is really long and fades as you go left-to-right. The second is that same formula but formatted across multiple lines like you’d see in an IDE.

The visual, interactive way to code with data.

Quickly write code and see the output in full detail. No more squinting into a tiny terminal to see your data output.

7Latest stock price
1out = []
3for number in range(1,5):
4    out.append(number * 10)
6# Last value writes to the spreadsheet
7# in this case: [10,20,30,40,50]

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The world’s first infinite canvas spreadsheet.

A structured spreadsheet that extends forever in every direction — you've never seen anything like this before.

Pinch and zoom

Navigate with ease: zoom out for the big picture, zoom in to focus on the details.

Mac cursor

Smooth pan

Arrange and navigate your data how it makes sense in your head, not how a tool forces you to do it.

Screenshot of a Quadratic sheet with rows and columns of data.

Drag ’n drop

Import with ease: grab a supported file type and drop it precisely where you want your data.

Animated screen recording of a cursor dragging a CSV file over the spreadsheet grid in Quadratic and dropping the data in a specific cell which populates the grid with data from the file.

Real time collaboration

Write code and share results instantly. If it works on your computer, it will work everywhere. See real-time mouse movements and collaborate on complex analyses.

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A number of cells populated with data and overlaid with multiple cell cursors, each with their own color and name indicating multiple collaborating on a single spreadsheet simultaneously.

Powerful AI integration

With GPT 4.0 powered autocomplete for Python code, you have a powerful spreadsheet companion. Quadratic is a proud member of the Vercel AI Accelerator.

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A spreadsheet with the Quadratic and OpenAI logos and a “+” in between them.

Performance matters,
and so does your experience.

Quadratic is built for speed and comfort. Our goal is to make the tool disappear and enable you to get your work done fast.

Built like a video game

Designed to perform smoothly at 60 frames per second, our tool disappears and you can focus on what matters: working with your data.

A screenshot of the performance tab in Chrome showing the framerate of Quadratic at 60fps.

Local data & computation

By default, data is stored and calculations run on your computer. Even large data sets and computations run in milliseconds.

A giant list of prime numbers generated across many cells in a Quadratic spreadsheet.

Supercharged by Web Assembly and WebGL

Quadratic takes advantage of your CPU and GPU together to deliver a high performance spreadsheet.

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A graphic loosely illustrating how shaders work in WebGL.

Our vision doesn’t stop here. There’s more coming soon.

At Quadratic we are building the spreadsheet of the future. Quadratic enables you and your team to get more done faster. If you have ideas on how we can make Quadratic better, let us know on GitHub.

Coming soon

SQL queries

Pull data directly from your database or data warehouse (initial support: Postgres, Snowflake, and BigQuery).

A SQL query with an arrow being drawn to a number of cells with data representing the output of that SQL query.
Coming soon


Self-host Quadratic on your own infrastructure directly from our source available codebase. Currently seeking design partners who want to get first access to this feature.

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A picture of the Docker logo with the Docker command to host Quadratic underneath.

Backed by the best.

Funded by top-tier investors. Join us on our journey building the modern spreadsheet.

With support from

Google Ventures, Catapult Ventures, Betaworks, The Fund, and a great group of angels.

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The infinite canvas spreadsheet with code.

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