Changelog 05: JavaScript, cell ranges to Python, selection improvements

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Luke Posey, Product Manager


In June we shipped:

JavaScript language support

Quadratic now has first class JavaScript support for working with data on the spreadsheet. We are bringing the most popular programming language to the most used interface for working with data. You can read the docs to get started with JavaScript in Quadratic.

JavaScript in a spreadsheet

Cell selection to Python

While the code editor is open, you can now select cells on the grid, and with the press of a button get the code to reference those cells in Python.

Cell selection to Python

Cell selection improvements

This change adds many familiar spreadsheet features including:

  • Select multiple rows/columns individually
  • Copy-paste across multiple disparate rows/columns
  • Select down and across columns and rows respectively
  • Select multiple individual cells
  • Shortcut and copy/paste support for all

See below for summary of changes in action.

Cell selection improvements

Papercut fixes

We resolved a number of outstanding papercuts; these fixes significantly improve the overall experience in Quadratic. Some of these fixes include:

Follow our roadmap on GitHub.

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