Accuweather API


Start by getting a valid API key from Accuweather:


The below query is the simplest possible forecast, performing a daily forecast for 1 day ahead, for the zip code defined in a spreadsheet cell, with the API key created above as a query parameter.

import requests

# Enter your API key to fix
response = requests.get("" + str(c(1,3)) + "?apikey=<api_key_here>")

# Filter the data we want
date = response.json()['Headline']['EffectiveDate']
forecast = response.json()['Headline']['Text']
severity = response.json()['Headline']['Severity']
category = response.json()['Headline']['Category']

# Return data to the sheet
[[date, forecast, severity, category]]

The above code returns the following:

Output from Accuweather

Sample sheet:

More endpoints:

Need help making this connection? Feel free to reach out to for help.

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